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After School Art Programs
Color Me Mine is a ìpaint your ownî ceramics art studio. We off after-school programs where we bring our studio to you. We will come to you to do a one-time special event, or multiple sessions per month on an on-going basis (four sessions or more). Our after-school program is suitable for all ages.

We have a professional, creative staff to facilitate each class. Each session features a different painting technique like masking, sponging, speckling, and more. Paints are non-toxic and water-based. We supply all materials, facilitate all instruction and clean up. Sessions can be held inside or outdoors, preferably in a covered area. The paints are water based, clean up easily and will not stain carpet, clothes, or any other fabric.

Painted items are taken back to the Color Me Mine studio for glazing and firing, and returned to the artist at the next session. Students of all ages will bring home useful projects such as plates, mugs, and bowls that they are proud of. Once the projects are fired, they are dishwasher safe, microwaveable, and oven safe.

Pricing: $14 per class, per hour. Classes are one hour, once a week for a minimum of 6 weeks (example: 8 classes would be $14 x 8 = $112 per child). All art materials are included. Minimum class size is 12 students; minimum number of weeks is 6 weeks to get this deal.

We would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your after school programs!

Tile Wall Projects
This is a great fundraising event! You sell the tiles, we can facilitate the painting portion, glazing, and firing of the tiles.

Do you need to raise funds for your school, swim club, church or synagogue, senior citizens center, library or civic building? We've got the perfect idea for you. Plan a hand painted Tile Wall. It can be anywhere there is a wall needing to be decorated! Color Me Mine will come to your location with the ceramic tiles (4", 6" or 8") paints, brushes, and staff to assist your painters.

The tiles will be ready for pick up in 2-3 weeks and they'll be ready for you to have them installed by a professional tile setter. Organizations using this idea have charged anywhere from $15 to $100 per tile, making it quite a successful fundraiser.

You have two options for running your Tile Wall Event, either have CMM come to your event, or take a TOGO kit.

PRICING: Cost of tiles + Staff Assistance Fee

Cost of Tiles: $12, $14, $16 per tile for for 4”, 6”, and 8” sizes respectively.

Staff Assistance Fee: the charge for us to send staff for a maximum of 2 hours to your event. Staff will bring all the tiles and supplies, help set up, give instructions to painters, clean up, and bring the tiles back to the studio for glazing and firing.

If you purchase 80 or more tiles: 2 Staff members for $40 Staff Assistance fee
If you purchase 35-79 tiles: 2 Staff members for $50 Staff Assistance fee.
If you purchase 25-34 tiles:1 Staff member for $60 fee.

*Even with our staff assistance, we recommend you ask Parents/Teachers to volunteer to help with check-in/passing out paints at these events! Especially if you are having a large number of painters.

*We are not able to send staff if less than 25 tiles are purchased (however taking a TOGO kit is a great option for you! Read below.)


We will pack a kit for you with all the necessary supplied and instructions, and you can return it to our studio a few days after the event.

Pricing: $50 for a kit (which includes paints, brushes, and any other supplies you will need) plus the cost of the tiles ($12, $14, $16 per tile for for 4”, 6”, and 8” sizes respectively).

School Auctions
Have each child in a classroom put their fingerprint on a piece and auction it off to raise money for the school. All you have to do is get the fingerprints, and we will add all the details for you!

Ornament Drives
We offer holiday ornaments that your school or organization can paint as a fundraising ornament drive. This is a great way to raise money while also creating a one of a kind lasting memory.

Call the studio at 714-671-2808 or email for more information.

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